There are 3 branches of MSV MULTICALL in Europe. As a private company we can quickly and without delay get approval for your requests in the head office. The long-term successful relations with the clients are our top priority. The philosophy of our company is not a rapid growth at any cost but a stable development with the customer orientation. We grow together with our customers!


The history of the company goes back to 2004 with the foundation of MSV Telemarketing TzOV in the Austrian city of Linz situated on the Danube river. In 2005 a branch in Lviv, Western Ukraine was opened (a former name Telemist Plus was changed to MSV MULTICALL PP) and a bit later a branch in České Budějovice in the Czech Republic appeared (a former name MSV Telemarketing was changed to MSV MULTICALL).

Linz is a capital of the Upper Austria federated state advantageously located on the important transport routes: from west to east – through Frankfurt am Mein, Munich, Linz, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Istanbul and from north to south – through  Berlin, Prague, Linz, Trieste, Koper, Zagreb, Belgrade, Athens. Linz, an economically active city and a cultural center in the heart of Europe, is situated not far from the Polish and Czech borders and has a good highway connection with the Eastern and Western Europe – . You can travel to us even by ship on the Danube. Enjoy a high level of life in the city and nearby Alps: in winter visit our famous ski runs and in summer have a swim in the crystal clear water of famous Salzkammergut lakes – .

České Budějovice is the capital of the Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic with a particularly beautiful historical city square with the total are of 1 ha —  . Our Czech branch is surrounded by splendid landscapes spread out towards Krumau, a tourist gem, – to Lipno, the biggest Czech reservoir, – .

Lviv is a city with a million population located in the Western Ukraine about 70 km from the border with Poland –  . A multicultural and with a good preserved monuments of its glorious past, this ancient capital of Halychyna is always worth a visit.  Nowadays Lviv has become a center of a new civil society of Ukraine oriented towards Europe. In these hard times for Ukraine a well-developed tourism and about 5000 of ІТ-developers who work on the largest American software companies form two main directions for the city’s development. As a city of universities with thousands of students and qualified specialists, Lviv is an ideal place for MSV MULTICALL branch.