Europalandkarte mit ostwärts deutenden Pfeilen

Customer support service for commercial enterprises at the new sales markets 

Every day MSV MULTICALL processes a lot of requests concerning the return of goods for mail-orders companies and online store managers. The time factor is crucial for the level of the customer satisfaction. That’s why the leading trading companies at the German market trust our experience and reliability. We work for such countries as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, etc. Increase the volumes of your sales for a long time and order the service for your customers from MSV MULTICALL at clear and fixed tariffs! In this way you’ll save substantial costs, since you’ll avoid often underestimated expenses connected with own branch, serious problems finding the staff, unfamiliar legislation, misunderstanding and lack of information due to a language barrier. MSV MULTICALL as an Austrian company guarantees you an unimpeded development of full service for your clients in many countries. Thanks to our vast experience we understand perfectly the mentality of the markets of the Eastern and Central Europe. You can contact us at any time!