The most affordable telemarketing and surveys in the native languages of your customers!

Die Mitarbeiterin bespricht einen Termin per Telefon

We’ll conduct telemarketing, survey or other work with your customers for a small fee by efforts of our branches in the Czech Republic and Western Ukraine in cooperation with our partner in Austria ensuring good quality of services and successful performance of the task! Apart from the sales of goods by telephone, surveys of regular customers or general public opinion polls we also offer tracking your mail, agreeing on the time of meetings with clients outside the office, monitoring the delivery of promotional materials and more. As for the sales of goods, our staff communicates with a customer in his native language. Currently the Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian languages are available. Services in other languages such as, for example, Hungarian or Romanian will be available over time if such necessity arises. For other communication projects we offer you to make use of services provided, at a favorable price, by our agents with the excellent knowledge of German and English. Different payment methods are accepted, except for the net commission modes. The control over the execution of the agreement is maintained directly from Austria, so you won’t have any additional expenses connected with the control over the execution, communication, training of staff, etc. MSV MULTICALL owes its high reputation among the leading companies at the German market fully to an accurate and prompt processing of the orders.