Multilingualism we communicate with your clients in many languages!

German, English, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, as well as Hungarian, Romanian, Italian and Spanish – these are the languages in which we can offer you our services, accept calls and orders of your clients. We cooperate with the partners to also provide a complex service from one company and in less widely spoken languages. Our multilingualism is your ticket to success! 


Your new employees are the key to a top-quality service!


Our wonderful employees will be the biggest benefit you get in MSV MULTICALL. Without their professionalism, most of them obtained a higher education, their sensitive responsiveness to customer needs and commitment, we would never be able to offer these quality and efficiency which attract the leading trading companies and   which are the cause why they have been our clients for many years or even for over a decade. It is a low turnover of staff that guarantees reliability and high quality of our services. We do not grow too fast – we grow steadily, together with our clients and, unlike some one-day “kings of grow”, we can contribute to your long-term success.


New communication channels 

Taking into consideration the extension of communication on the Internet we maintain contact with your customers not only by phone. We use email, SMS and social media. Your clients can also contact us by means of web-chat.

Überblick über die Dienstleistungen des Callcenters


Beratung mit den erfahrenen Beratern

BPO Consulting (business process outsourcing)

With the view of systematization and optimization of your business we would be happy to consult you on which processes it is advisable for you to hand over to outsourcing companies for processing and which you should keep at the enterprise. The consulting concerning your entry into the market in the countries where we already work is offered to you at a very attractive price thus saving you costs for “education”.