Claims, complaints and return of goods 

Each complaint is a chance. The customer, who pours out his anger on paper or uses a telephone for this, is of particular value. Thanks to claims and complaints you can find out which processes at the enterprise require improvement. At that, it is very important for your clients to feel that their claims are taken seriously and to receive an accurate answer quickly. This way you can return even a dissatisfied customer. 

Eine Callcentermitarbeiterin nimmt vom Herrn aus dem Bringservice die Pakete ab und füllt entsprechende Papiere aus

We hear your clients out, analyze their complaints, detect the necessity in change of work, and then you decide yourself the efficiency of what process should be enhanced first of all. Thanks to our detailed information you can shortly improve the standards of your customer service. The successfully resolved claims produce a stable positive effect – you will be recommended to others!

Eine orange Uhr, die sechzehn zeigt

We also process the requests of the customers to return goods during a day for you as part of our fully functional customer service. Top-quality customer service! Benefit from our decade of experience in the field of return of goods. Your clients will appreciate it!