Representative office of the company and consulting at low price but of high quality!

To enter the markets of the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine you will need a representative office or branch of the company which will deal with such formalities as licenses and authorization, make translation, study the market, prepare your business trips, etc. The initial volumes of production or sales are small, you don’t know yet whether your entrance to a new market will be a success and at the same time you already face the high prices for the premises rent and services of tax consultants. You won’t avoid the expenses connected with fit-out of the branch office, assurance of its security and do not forget about the problems of turnover of staff, efficiency monitoring, etc.

Der Unternehmer flieht von den bürokratischen Gesetzen

Representative office of the company for 990 Euro per month in the preferred languages!

Take the advantage of our excellent offer and minimize your risk and expenses!

For just 990 Euro per month you are offered the staff with 40-hour working week and a full infrastructure — PC, printer, telephone and scanner. Our agents communicate with your partners, institutions, services, etc. in their native languages and with you – in German or English. You can contact them at the Austrian or German telephone number according to its local tariff or at the local number on-site. The payment for all telephone calls of our office is included in 990 Euro. 

Connection to your ІТ- infrastructure is normally not a problem. Besides, your new secretary can perform all other types of office work, since he/she is proficient in German!

Later you can set up your own branch provided your entrance to the market is successful and you are sure that you stay there for a long time.